Yoga: Avoid Beginner’s Mistakes

Here at Vu Family Chiropractic, we highly recommend incorporating yoga practice to everyday life.  Research has shown that yoga can significantly reduce mental and physical stress, improve mood, and slow the aging process.  But some yogis believe many of the estimated 20 million U.S. students are missing the best part of the discipline – the inner happiness attainable through a healthy mind-body connection.  The most important step is getting started.  Here are some tips to maximize your yoga practice:

1. Cardiovascular training: Focused breathing should be the cornerstone of this mind-body training.  Aerobic means “with oxygen” and aerobic movement increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, including the brain.  This training helps maintain the heart(a muscle.)

2. Core Strengthening: This includes the student’s abdomen and buttocks, and the lower-back region, which extends to the base of the skull.

3. Flexibility Training: Stretching simply feels good, and it reminds students to not only be more flexible in one’s body, but also one’s mind

4. Adequate Rest: Sleep is a necessary part of life, and sufficient rest is needed for energy equilibrium.

5. Proper Nutrition: Making the right choices in food allows yoga students to achieve an optimal, balanced state. This includes: organic, fresh nutritional foods consumed in moderation.

6. Interaction With Others: Study and observation show that we find greater happiness with access to friends and family.  Be friendly to other yogis and smile.

7. Goals: Yoga should be FUN and therapeutic.

Yoga is all about mind-body connection which helps with memory loss, back pain, neck pain, ADD, ADHD, anger management.  According to Mary Jo Ricketson of,  “we all have within us a potential to experience optimal well-being in mind and body,” she says. “This potential, the good within, can be realized through the work of mind-body training. Our training is a moving meditation — a daily practice of exercises that awaken all that is good within.”

Remember to breathe, have fun, and practice often.

Yours in health,

Dr. Vu