Q: Will my insurance be accepted?
A: Most major insurances are accepted.  Payment plans are encouraged for those who are financially restricted.

Q: How long will it take before I began to feel better?
A: This will be determined by the doctors who is qualified and trained to create a  focused treatment plan for each individual patient.

Q: What exactly does a Doctor of Chiropractic do?

A: Your chiropractor checks your spine for vertebral subluxations and if you have any, reduces or eliminates them with safe, gentle spinal adjustments.

Q: What’s a vertebral subluxation?

A: A tiny, often painless, spinal distortion or misalignment that interferes with physical and emotional health.  A doctor of chiropractic is uniquely trained to analyze your spine and correct your subluxations.  Like ripples spreading in a pond, subluxation damage silently spreads throughout your body.

Q: How can a subluxation affect my health?

A: It affects by: altering the communication between your body and the wisdom that organizes it(innate intelligence); Create disease (lessened ability to adapt to stress); Alter the function of your internal organs, glands, muscles, joints and disc; Cause Pain; Stress your brain and nerve coverings; Accelerate joint aging; Decrease your height; Cause spinal degeneration(osteoarthritis); decrease your resistance to disease

Q: Who goes to a Doctor of Chiropractic?

A: Children(provides a drug-free approach to health); Pregnant women and infants(for a more comfortable pregnancy and for a healthier baby, free of subluxations); Blue Collar workers; Athletes; Office workers; Students; Families( to help the entire family get healthy and stay healthy); The Elderly (for more energy, mobility, and to help prevent drug dependence).