Derrick Rose attributes triumphant return to chiropractic

Derrick Rose returned to resounding applause Monday afternoon. He only missed the last five games, due to back spasms. Chiropractic helped him return back to the court!!

Click here to watch Derrick Rose after the win on ESPN.  It’s not just the reigning NBA’s MVP who have benefited from chiropractic care, top athletes such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, Lance Armstrong, Zach Johnson, Tiger Woods, and living legends such as Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice have all received chiropractic care in their careers.  They got the message.

Posture and Core Strengthening

Core strength is vital for posture

Much of our daily movement relies on the body’s core muscles. From lifting our legs to walk, to hoisting a large purse or briefcase, we utilize core muscles throughout the day.


Just as the brain is the center of all neurological function, the body’s core, which consists of muscles in the abdomen, hips and lower back, is the generator that facilitates physical mobility. It is the body’s center of gravity.The core works in unison with other aspects of the musculoskeletal system. According to Dynamic Chiropractic, “The individual muscles of the core are each capable of contributing to several different functions, and no function is isolated to an individual muscle.”[1]

As a whole, the core provides the body with:

• Balance and stability to the lower back and spine

• A strong foundation that supports lifting, stretching, and mobility

• Postural strength

It is important to routinely strengthen the core while concentrating on other muscles and cardiovascular health. Our bodies rely on a strong core to not only help us be active, but also to help prevent injuries.

Strength lies in the core

Core muscle strength is centralized in the mid section of the body and provides a strong foundation for movement. This foundation of muscles helps the body reach, lift up, and pull down with more strength – it is the body’s natural defense against weak posture.

According to a CNN article, “It’s important to develop strength in your core (or trunk) as the muscles around this area protect your spine and help prevent back injury.”[2]

Without this strength, our bodies become less able to provide quality posture during the day. Weak core muscles cause our bodies to slouch in positions that can strain the back and even the neck. This can take place at a desk, in the car, or at home.

While it is important to exercise all segments of the body, the core muscles should receive attention routinely. Just like other forms of exercise, our bodies need recuperation time to build; it is important to exercise core muscles in moderation.

Membership fees not required

No need to sign up to a gym, core strengthening can be done conveniently at home and is cost efficient. Although purchasing an exercise ball and a padded mat for comfort and control might help during workouts.

Before starting a core exercise routine, it is important to visit with a chiropractor. Improper form and repetition can place stress on the lower back and strain muscles. A chiropractor can give advice on proper exercises that are conducive to strengthening, as well as tips on postural wellness throughout the day.

Core exercise routines are no longer just for those who want a ripped 6-pack of abdominal muscles (although it can be a bonus). Core is vital for ensuring posture and strength in the body’s center of gravity. Challenge yourself, friends and family to improve posture and quality of life today!

[1] Morgan, William E. (November 4, 2009). Without the Stiffness There is No Fitness.


[2] Delaney, Brigid. (July 9, 2007). Core Strength: How to be hardcore.