Board Certified Sports Chiropractor

After completing 100 hours of post-graduate education in specialized sports medicine topics and passing a Board-administered examination, Dr. Vu is now a board certified sports chiropractor.  So what exactly is a certified sports chiropractor?  A certified sports chiropractor seek to infuse their specialized knowledge of sports medicine into patient care as component of an integrated healthcare team.  Dr. Vu is adept at functioning within such a team to optimize rehabilitation trajectory, improve patient outcomes and prevent recurring injury.

The physiology of intense activity differs in significant ways from that of “everyday” functioning.  Physical activity generates large variations from “normal” cellular processes, organ function and musculoskeletal operation, both during and after the activity.  Some variations are transient, while others are sustained when the activity is repeated over time.

Sports medicine is a unique subspecialty that focuses on medical issues that arise out of this more intense activity.  Because the physiology of athletic movement and exercise differs from normal function, so must the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from it.  The energies, forces and speeds involved in sports competition and training can cause medical problems and injuries not generally observed in low and moderate activities.  Sports medicine practitioners, including certified sports chiropractors, apply their distinct knowledge and skills to help athletes and exercisers achieve or restore peak physical function.

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