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Open House

Wow, what a beautiful morning!  Make sure to join us for our Open House this Saturday from 10am-2pm.  Come out for a tour of the office and meet the doc!  Food and beverages will be provided!  See you all on Saturday!

Kids and Chiropractic Care

Being born is a natural phenomenon.  Two cells become four and four become eight and so on until nine months later a perfect human being enters the world.  His heart started beating at 24 days.  Her eyes formed at 36 days.   This miracle unfolds perfectly-unless there is INTERFERENCE.  Today’s birthing procedures can put tremendous pressures on a child’s spine.  Injuries to the spine can occur from forceps deliveries, vacuum extraction, and eager hands.

Signs of poor health such as colic, unexplained crying, lack of appetite, and frequent ear infections may be due to a damaged spine.  A chiropractic checkup is helpful to monitor spinal development as infants sit upright, support their heads, learn to crawl or take their first step.  Chiropractors use no more pressure than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato to check for and reduce these subluxation(interference).

Seek accurate information and make and informed choice.  First, make sure your child has the best chance to be all that he or she can be by having a nervous system free of subluxations.  Life is a miracle.

What is Autism?

According to the Autism Research Institute, autism is a severe developmental disorder that begins at birth or within the first two-and-a-half years of life. Most autistic children are perfectly normal in appearance, but spend their time engaged in puzzling and disturbing behaviors which are markedly different from those of typical children. Less severe cases may be diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or with Asperger’s Syndrome (these children typically have normal speech, but they have many “autistic” social and behavioral problems).–

Between 1992 and 1997 incidence of autism increased more thatn 300%, now autism affects 1 0ut of 150.  According to some statistics, the autism rate has increased to 1 out of 87 children in the US.  The cause of autism is still unknown.  Scientists believe that there are multiple factors that contribute to this dis-ease.  The underlying factors that contribute to this epidemic is how chiropractic can help someone with autism.

It’s a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and the rest of your nerves control every aspect of your body.  Hinder the vital nerve links between your brain and your body, and ill health can result.  The body was designed with a spinal column and individual vertebrae to surround and protect the brain stem, and spinal cord, and nerves  which make up the nervous system.  When your spine and nervous system are in the correct position, the body can function at 100%.  When your spine shifts out of it’s normal position, this puts pressure on the brain stem and pinches and causes damage to the spinal cord and nerves.  This pinching is called SUBLUXATION.

The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells.  Someone with autism will have a hyper-stimulated response immune system.  Spinal misalignment can cause nerve tissue to stretch, be irritated and cause organs to be hyperactive.  Chiropractic will help the immune system to be in balance and allow the body to heal it self.

Chiropractic is simple.  Chiropractic care focuses on your spine because it is the most vulnerable part of your nervous system.  It honors the wisdom of your body.  Get your nervous check today!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Nam

Grand Opening/Open House

Just a reminder everyone, our Open House in Saturday, July 31. Please come out and check out our office.  There will be food and beverages so please RSVP at 238-8888.  Our massage therapist will also be here to demonstrate Thai massages.  Also, you will get a chance to win door prizes.   Dr. Nam will happily answer any questions that you may have about chiropractic.


We Now Offer Massage Therapy

Meet our newest Health Team Member, Lindsey Neal.

Lindsey Neal has been practicing massage therapy over the past 5 years in Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and now Grand Rapids. She received her Medical Massage Therapy certification from Blue Heron Academy in Kalamazo in 2007, as well as the National Certification through the AMMA.  She went on to Chaing Mai, Thailand where she studied Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage and Reflexology at the International Training School of Massage Therapy.  Aside from being a small business owner and practitioner, she has participated in a number of educational outreach programs in the Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo Area.  ”Education about alternative therapies within the community is the key to integration of eastern and western medicine.” Lindsey is currently a student of Occupational Therapy at WMU.  She enjoys practicing yoga, teaching SPIN, running with her dog Roxy Lou, and painting or writing in her free time.

OB/GYN Doctors Agree: A bad back destroys your health!

OB/GYN Doctors Agree: A bad back destroys your health!

The obstetricians and gynecologists are figuring out that a bad spine affects your organs!

In this study, they took 363 patients who had some type of female organ problem and they measured their lumbar curve (lower back). The conclusion of the study was an abnormal change in spinal curvature, which appears to be a significant risk factor in pelvic organ prolapse.

The Central Nervous System controls every organ in the body.  For your heart to beat, lungs to breathe, or a cut on your leg to heal information must travel from the brain out to these organs.  If there is pressure on these nerves then there is not 100% nerve supplies to these organs.  Bones that out of alignment is primarily the cause of these nerve blockage.  This process is called a subluxationChiropractors are trained to find and correct these subluxations.

That is why your Chiropractic spinal and nervous system exam is the most important test their family will ever receive.  You were given a power to heal and it comes from the Above Down Inside Out.  There is no other way.

ChiropracTIC works 100% of the time, all the time!

Am J Obstet Gynecol 2000 Dec;   183(6):   1381-4; discussion 1384

Open House

Please join us for our Open House on Saturday, July 31.  Bring the family and tour our office.  Food and beverages will be provided so please RSVP at 238-8888.  There will be a raffle for a free 1 HOUR MASSAGE and BIOFREEZE products!

Finally we are Open!!!

Hello Everyone,

The office will officially be open this Tuesday July 6.  Please come visit us.  We are located just in front of the Pines Golf Course on Byron Center Ave.  Our staff is eager to serve the people of Wyoming, Grandville, Byron Center and the surrounding areas.

Have a safe Independence Day weekend everyone!!!

Feel Better and Live Longer with Jack Lalanne

Chiropractic works!! We just have to get out of the way and let the power that made body to heal the body!!! Watch this amazing testimonial by one the leading proponent of wellness lifestyle.  A true fountain of youth!